Online jobs in nepal

Your first step to earn unlimited money being your own BOSS at your own home.

»     Are you unemployed?
»     Are you looking for home base job opportunity that you can do from your home?
»     Do you have a simple internet surfing skills?
»     Do you want to earn extra income by working in spare time?
»     Do you want to work genuine Home Based Job work?
»     DO you want to earn extra high income working just 1hr/day?

The following skills are desirable:-

»     Basic computer and typing skill’s
»     Computer with internet access
»     Basic Internet knowledge

Startup your own E-commerce Business Earn Nrs. 70,000/- +per months
1.   We create your own e-commerce business:
2.   First of all – we build your own website
3.   Then we create your agreement with trustable and top internet Companies/Merchants like Google Inc, Microsoft, Yahoo Inc, Commission Junction, CT Bank, E Bay company, E-gold, paypal etc.

The website owner /you allow the use of the merchant’s website for the promotion of the merchants.  
In exchange, the merchant pays a commission to you on all Visits/Clicks/Registrations/Purchases generated by your Website on real time. 

How we categories JOBS 

1       Affiliates Business

-Popular method of promoting web business in which an you well be rewarded for every visitor, subscriber and /or customer provided through your website.
2      Online Marketing

Free earning and refer earning.
Get Free 24/365 online training plus New online job.

Your Website average Income Structure 

»     1 Impression/Visit/Hit “Free”= $0.10-$1
»     1 Click “Free” =$0.10-$2
»     1 from fill up “Free”= $2-$96
»     1 Search “Free”= $0.25-$0.55
»     1 Download Free”= $0.25-$5
»     1 From  fill up “paid” =$o.4-$5000
You can work online some/all, in the listed following companies.

Google Inc, Commission Junction, Yahoo Inc,, Paypal, E-gold, Citibank, SONy, Shaadi, Ebay  and many more…………
After your payment we will give you CD packages i.e. E-books worth $5000 having all above job step by step Procedures, World top Internet Companies Life time Login /Account, Your own 2 personal websites for income And 3 GB Email Account. There are  no any extra training charges. The cost will cover all the training materials.

With the great pleasure, we want to inform all people and organizations that our company is going to launch a very typical online directory list and advertisement system in the IT history of Nepal. For the first time which is a new additional brick to promote any sorts of the profession company through web media.

Our main motto: behind inaugurating this online concept is to give extra concentration to our youngsters who often spend their maximum time on internet. Moreover our website gathers information’s from different fields and makes accessible to everyone via single site named, at any time. By doing this our site basically helps to busy time of the people visitors and providers actual information about there subject of interests including opportunities, business, bank, college school, tour & travel, hotels, business complex, automobiles, garments, models and many more…

We would like to offer you to promote our originations through, a latest media for this, we do have the special package of Rs. 500/- for each organization to include their information in our online directory lists.

online job earn $250-$25990

Many Companies need skilled manpower as well as a good output from their job. For the people who have no enough skill become an unemployed person. There are also a group of people who have enough skill but don’t get satisfied from their job.
Our service gives a great opportunity for both unskilled as well as skilled persons for getting a job online easily from your Capital City Kathmandu since 2006.
You can earn money online easily if you have a general Internet Browsing Skill.
We are also giving a special training to them online or in-office if you want to earn minimum $250 to maximum $2500 or more monthly with the best  our guidance.

Online Data Entry Project Based Jobs & Freelancering.

Payment Method: Mastercard & Visa
Payment Threshold $50 and Monthly
100% Legitimate, Genuine & Scam Free Online Data Entry Jobs. Work at Home in your spare time. No work load, No Time Limit. Massive Income Every Month. Do Online Assignments, each of 4-5 lines. Get Paid $1 USD to $2 USD Per Assignment in Data Entry Jobs.

There will be more then 50,000 projects to choose from ; Per Project $50-$5000.
- Data Entry & Basic Online Typist.                      -Websites, IT & Software       -Writing & Content- Design,              -Media & Architecture -Engineering & Science                                       -Product Sourcing &  Manufacturing                                                    -Sales & Marketing  -Business, Accounting,                                       -Human Resources & -Legal                                                                 -Mobile Phones & Computing -Other
Training Time Period :- 10 days  :  1 hour / day( flexible : according to your skills & requirements )
Method:- On-the-office or online 
with the help of Yahoo Messenger & Skype.
Training Fee Nrs 2500/-  (For Students 20% Discount)

CALL 01- 
Freedom Int’l Education.

New Baneshwor Plaza B Block, 5th Floor,
Opposite to BICC west Gate.
 Between NABIL Bank & PANI TANKI
New Baneshwor -10, GPO 5954, Kathmandu, Nepal.

earn 1000 dollar monthally

ypically the following procedure is followed to ensure delivery of the quality of the data entry system. Clients provide access to raw data to be converted into forms and the specifications or sample format according to which the processed data is delivered during final submission is downloaded from the client’s site. TIFF images are loaded into customized software and kept ready to upload at the specified locations. New database is…

Online Jobs in Nepal

Your first step to earn unlimited money being your own BOSS at your own home. •Are you unemployed?
•Are you looking for home base job opportunity that you can do from your home?
•Do you have a simple internet surfing skills?
•Do you want to earn extra income by working in spare time?
•Do you want to work genuine Home Based Job work?
•Do you want to earn extra high income working just 1hr/day?
The following skills are desirable:-
•Basic computer and typing skill’s
•Computer with internet access
•Basic Internet knowledge
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online job scam and fake

Due to High Demand, i now HAVE 10 seats Open for Total SEO course + web-mastering ! Among these 10, 5 people will be appointed as full time staffs in our office. The other 5 will be able to earn themselves at home easily.  Course charge : $300

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I am talking about online job companies in Nepal who promise to give online job and tell you that you would earn $500 a week. Never trust on any of them. You should use your common sense and don’t waste Rs.1500 to Rs.6000 registration charge for getting nothing ! Just imagine, if one could earn $500 a week would he be collecting Rs.1500 fee from you initially ? Why ?? You will happily pay 50% of your monthly earning to them after you have earned. No ? If they make you earn $500 a week you can pay $1000 easily and happily to them after one month.
There are few places like FREEDOM Online Job Nepal , New baneshwor, Online Job Putalisadak and in other many places. They simply teach you to create a blog in blogger (Not even a wordpress site , funny) and then install adsence code. The other thing they may teach you is to be affiliate in Friend Network and earn $1 per registration and get mastercard. They may introduce you to few PTC sites. This is called WTF Online Job Nepal.
Guys, don’t be fooled with them. I, baba have planned to help you guys out and make you able to earn atleast $200-$250 secured monthly income which is increased every month. Being a Seo Expert and Ultra Active Social Media User i have planned to start some training service. I would like to know your feedback before starting.
Lemme know if you guys are interested. I am ready to help you out. You will be 100% satisfied with my guide and training and i will charge $0 if you are not satisfied. Also, you can pay my charge after you have earned if there is problem. My target is to produce about 50 qualified seo workers from Nepal and start a seo company here. We will show the world that Nepal has developed in Internet Marketing …